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Larry Ellison Net Worth



Larry Ellison Net Worth is$40 Billion
Larry Ellison Salary is$75 Million
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Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Investor
Date of Birth: Aug 17, 1944
Nicknames: Lawrence Joseph Ellison
Ethnicity: Jewish people
Country: United States of America
What is Larry Ellison’s net worth? Larry Ellison is the founder/CEO of Oracle with a net worth of $40 billion. Ellison’s $40 billion net worth makes him the seventh richest person in the world behind Carlos Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ingvar Kamprad, Bernard Arnault and Amancio Gaona. Coming in as the seventh richest person in the world isn’t the ideal outcome for an uber-competitive captain of industry, but in the case of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, he can’t really complain. At least he can say he’s the third richest person in America! Unlike pals Warren and Bill, Larry’s consumption tends to be on the conspicuous side. He is an avid sailor, a love that he feeds as a major financer of the BMW Oracle Racing syndicate and former owner of the world’s sixth largest yacht the $200 million Rising Sun. Ellison sold The Rising Sun to music mogul David Geffen in 2010.
The Oracle database guru and licensed pilot also has a taste for highly expensive cars and planes. His collection includes a Maclaren F1 (only six of these cars are in the U.S.), an Audi R8 and a fighter jet. Ellison lives in a $200 million house in Silicon Valley. The mansion is modeled after a 16th century Japanese estate. It spans 45-acres and features a main house, a two-bedroom guest house, three cottages, a barn converted to a gym and a man-made lake and two waterfalls. After the local township assessed his property at a value of $173 million and handed Ellison the tax bill, he challenged the value and won, receiving a 60% tax cut on his “$70 million” property.
Mr. Ellison’s personal life is also a bit complex. He has been married four times and has a total of five children. His current wife, romance novelist Melanie Craft, is 25 years his junior and has produced three of his children in the last four years. Larry also supports his adult children David and Megan. In 2008, he reportedly purchased a $13 million home for his 20-something daughter in Los Angeles. You know, just a pied a terre.
It all sounds a little excessive, but for the third richest person in America, there’s plenty of money to make everyone happy. Except for Larry: he wants to be number one.
Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison (born August 17, 1944 in The Bronx, New York City, New York) is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Oracle Corporation, one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies. As of 2012, he is the third wealthiest American citizen, with an estimated worth of $36 billion.
Larry Ellison was born in the Bronx, New York City, New York to Florence Spellman, an unwed 19-year-old of Jewish heritage and an Italian-American U.S. Air Force pilot, who was stationed abroad before Spellman realized that she had become pregnant by him. After Larry Ellison contracted pneumonia at the age of nine months, his mother determined that she was unable to care for him adequately, and arranged for him to be adopted by her aunt and uncle in Chicago. Lillian Spellman Ellison and Louis Ellison adopted him when he was nine months old. Lillian was the second wife of Louis Ellison, an immigrant who had arrived in the United States in 1905 from Russia. Larry Ellison did not meet his biological mother again until he was 48.
Ellison graduated from Eugene Field Elementary School on Chicago’s north side in January, 1958 and attended Sullivan High School at least through the fall of 1959 before moving to South Shore.
Ellison grew up in a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago’s South Shore middle-class Jewish neighborhood. Ellison remembers his adoptive mother as warm and loving, in contrast to his austere, unsupportive, and often distant adoptive father, who adopted the name Ellison to honor his point of entry into the USA, Ellis Island. Louis, his adoptive father, was a modest government employee who had made a small fortune in Chicago real estate, only to lose it during the Great Depression.
Although Ellison was raised in a Reform Jewish home by his adoptive-parents, who attended synagogue regularly, he remained a religious sceptic. Ellison states: “While I think I am religious in one sense, the particular dogmas of Judaism are not dogmas I subscri

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